It’s hard for me to believe I wrote a book on the Fear of the Lord.  This book was actually never intended to be a book at all.  It began as a short blog post I was writing on some truths that God was teaching me about the fear of the Lord.  The problem I ran into though was I just kept on writing.  To the point that I looked at my wife Kassy and said, “I don’t have a blog post, I have a book”.  I kept writing for one simple reason.  I was beginning to see just how prevalent and important the understanding of the fear of the Lord was in the Bible and how important it was that we as believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah learn to cultivate that fear, but I also found there was very little teaching and few resources on it within the corporate Body of Messiah.  This book is my humble contribution as a teacher in the Body of Messiah to help fill that void.  There is so much more to be understood about the fear of the Lord and so much more depth than I am able to share at the present time in this book, but I was determined to at least get started and offer the Body of Messiah what I was learning.  Hence the title, “An Introduction to the Fear of the Lord”. In this book, I have sought to introduce and bring depth to certain aspects of the fear of the Lord in the most simple and clear way I am able.  If the Lord wills, I will expand and write and teach more in-depth about the fear of the Lord in the future.  For now, I hope and pray that this, “An Introduction to the Fear of the Lord” will bring understanding, clarity, faith, and healing in your journey as a pilgrim here on earth. 

The Fear of the Lord is an absolute necessity in our journey as believers in Yeshua.  There are numerous blessings promised to those who walk in the fear of the Lord so you would think it would be one of the most taught and important truths coming from pulpits all over the world.  But it is not! It is rather difficult to find sermons and teachings on the fear of the Lord.  The reason probably is becauase this is a misunderstood topic and therefore an avoided topic. 

In “An Introduction to the Fear of the LORD” I saught to dispel the misunderstandings and confusion and lay out in a simple and clear way what the Fear of the LORD is and is not from the Scriptures.  In this book, you will be: challenged in certain areas of your life; but not condemned, taught new things; but not put down for not knowing them, and given fresh perspective on the fear of the LORD in light of eternity. 

Come and learn the fear of the LORD!

Read the feedback about the eBook below. 

“Upon finishing the ebook, I had such a clearer understanding of the practical on-going application and a “I can do this” in my spiritual walk of “Fearing the Lord”.  I don’t have that “ominous” feeling of unattainability or religious feeling of unworthiness to my Father God who loves me so much, but also is a King in a Kingdom, that I want to be a part of for my future.  Why I say the above, is this ebook is written in a way that little children can understand the principles.  It does not have large convoluted religious words, it’s clear and does not have confusion or condemnation, but truth, backed by the Scriptures.  I can envision sitting down with my children or young children (3rd grader or even 2nd grade) and reading this ebook to them as a Bible study and provide instruction, so then this leads to others no matter the age also being able to understand and learn. As far as we are concerned you have hit it out of the park.” – Annonymous, WA  

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