About me
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David Levitt is the lead Bible Teacher at Ammudim Ministries. He has served in many roles in his 17 years of Ministry. His passion is helping people grow closer to God by helping them understand the Bible. He loves taking some of the most complex and seemingly controversial Scriptures in the Bible and teaching them in a simple, understandable way.

Much of this podcast was comprised of line-upon-line Bible teaching. You will also find conversations, exhortations, and interviews all discussing the Bible and Relationships.

Beneath the Headlines of the Israeli/Hamas War David Levitt with Ammudim Ministries

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  1. Beneath the Headlines of the Israeli/Hamas War
  2. The Genesis Study- part 20- chapter 12
  3. Immersed in the Ruach
  4. What is a Godly Family?
  5. We are Saved by HOPE