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A biblical guide to praying effectively and accurately for Israel. Many of you have touched base with me about a video I did on Israel. Following the video I shared 5 Scriptures with instructions on how to pray for Israel. Many more Scriptures began coming to mind that give us instructions on how to specifically pray for Israel. Never in my life have I seen more people standing with Israel and wanting to know how to bless and pray for Israel. I felt it was appropriate to help meet that desire by developing a 30-day prayer guide for how to accurately and effectively pray for Israel.

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An Introduction to the Fear of the Lord eBook

by David Levitt

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The Fear of the Lord is an absolute necessity in our journey as believers in Yeshua.  There are numerous blessings promised to those who walk in the fear of the Lord so you would think it would be one of the most taught and important truths coming from pulpits all over the world.  But it is not! It is rather difficult to find sermons and teachings on the fear of the Lord.  The reason is probably this topic is misunderstood and therefore an avoided topic. 

In “An Introduction to the Fear of the LORD” David Levitt seeks to dispel the misunderstandings and confusion and lay out in a simple and clear way what the Fear of the LORD is and is not from the Scriptures.  In this book, you will be: challenged in certain areas of your life but not condemned, taught new things but not put down for not knowing them, and given a fresh perspective on the fear of the LORD in light of eternity.  So come and learn the fear of the LORD.

I am not a Bible teacher because I am smart. I am a Bible teacher because God asked me to be and I am desperate to know Him. I am dedicated to studying to be approved of Him and to apprehend something greater than the world and myself.

David Levitt


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